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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Children, what do you see? Dirt, dirt, dirt.

Today was a very hot day in the garden. The humidity was intense, but it is October in Florida.
The kids were still really happy to be out in the garden again. As they get to know us better they are becoming better listeners. They are like little sponges, soaking up all the information they can about the garden and about us.

We talked about dirt today, comparing the different kinds and what could grow in each. They enjoyed the hands-on part of it the most, feeling and smelling the different types of dirt to see how they were different. Even though some of them protested when we said we were going to touch it, they all had fun once we actually got there!

The garden itself is looking amazing. Everything is getting so big. The radishes have started poking their little red tops out of the dirt, signaling to us that they are ready to be picked. The beans, potato, gourd, pumpkin, cucumber and watermelon are all flowering and there are tons of pollinators around to help the plants through that process. There is a massive watermelon growing in the watermelon bed. We didn’t even notice it before and now it is huge. There are also a bunch of little watermelons that are bigger every time we visit the garden. The kids were really excited about them!

Taking care of the garden is such a wonderful experience. Helping the little plants (and children) along and seeing them grow makes all the humidity worth it!

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