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Friday, October 16, 2009

Another wonderful Thursday in the garden...

It was another beautiful day in the garden! As the days get shorter and the air cools down a little, it gets more and more enjoyable.

Everything is growing like crazy. The watermelon plant has reached epic proportions and has thankfully been restrained by a trellis so it has not taken over the garden (yet). The beans are growing so fast they look completely different every time I come over. We thinned them out some today, to give them a little more breathing room, but we will probably have to do it again. There are still tiny frogs in the pineapple plants. They are really cute. Although a few of the kids screamed, most of them are super excited when I tell them to look in between the leaves of the pineapple and they see the frogs.

The kids today were adorable as usual. We practiced using our five senses to make observations about the garden. They liked comparing the different textures of the leaves and smelling the soil the best. We gave them all little pieces of carrot to taste while we were in the community circle. Some of them were really excited, and some less so, about the prospect of eating a carrot. One kid, after biting into it said, “I don’t like carrots, but this tastes good.”

We shall convert them all into vegetable lovers yet! Happy gardening!

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