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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Froggy Friends in the Peace Patch!

The Garden was full of life this morning, the watermelon is laying claim to its corner of the Patch. It decided to explore and the bed couldn't contain it; with two budding fruits on the vine, rightfully so!
It felt like a typical Florida spring at nine am humid, hot, and lively. The watermelons, yams, and passionflower vines all seem to be soaking up the heat and expressing their delightfulness with bursting flowers. The wildflowers are starting to sprout in the front bed as well, I'm betting a flower within the week! They almost seemed defeated when only a few succeeded but Mother Nature prevailed and now a carpet of green dots splatters the canvas.
We added 6 sprouted garlic to the horseshoe herb garden located at the foot of the patch; they complement the rosemary, mint, and the nasturtiums which popped up over the weekend. The aloe doesn't look too good unfortunately; it may have been a little over-watered during transplant. They should dry out and be back to normal after a few days of sunshine.
Due to a scheduling conflict our class couldn't come out today, they went on a field trip yesterday and today's schedule conflicted with art period. They should be coming out next week; it would have been great for them to see the little seedlings with their first leaves.
The garden was full of biodiversity this morning, from a frog on the okra plant to the countless ones taking shelter from the heat in the pineapple plants. There should be ladybugs, bees, and butterflies soon and once the marigolds bloom we won't have to worry as much about pests.
The school used this Tuesday morning to get the kids outside by testing the fire alarm. It was great except for the blaring noise. We got to see some familiar faces from last year. They were all really excited about starting the garden back up and the worm excrement "fertilizer" sitting in our bucket waiting to be spread. The school will be buzzing with talk of the garden this week, maybe that will incite some more teachers to come out. It has been a very busy year thus far and things are just starting to settle down and smooth out.

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