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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gardens as Gateway to our Souls

As I reflect on the arch like nature of the photograph I took while in the Lakewood Garden I think about how gardens can serve as a window to our souls. Gardens can serve as a soothing relaxing place to escape the rigors or daily life. A place to just be, exist, and feel safe and comforted - not trampled on. Our soul or psyche is no different. Often the deepest longing of the soul is to be accepted and loved just as is, weeds and all. As we learn how to nurture and tend the garden let us not forget to tend and nurture ourselves, our psyche. For just as gardens need tending, loving, and constant care, so does our soul. Let the garden serve as the gateway or lens into the essential feeding of our souls.

February 26, 2015      Laura Clarke