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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Weeding, Watering and Waiting...

We arrived at the garden just as the early morning sun was warming the ground. The soil was still moist and the leaves of all the garden plants were dripping with dew. As always, the garden looks even more beautiful with each visit. Everyone’s hard work and devotion is evident through the health and happiness of the garden fruits, herbs, and veggies. The trench is now filled with tiny little aspiring sunflowers that will soon outline the entire peace patch perimeter. It is amazing to think about how much the garden has changed over just a few short weeks. With pineapple plants standing tall, watermelon vines stretching out wide, and a fresh layer of mulch on ground, the garden is hardly recognizable compared to how it looked at the end of the summer.
Last Year, Kaylee built a very nice sign for the garden that spells out the word peace with recycled pieces of trellis posts. We repaired the broken pieces and placed the sign at the end of the garden near the three-sisters. It looks great!

The new aloe garden looks great, and the aloe itself seems to be regaining some strength and color after its initial traumatic transplanting experience into “the nest”. Hopefully these plants will return to health in their new sandy, spacious home. We hoped that our pre-schoolers would be able to give these plants some positive energy to help them on their way to recovery. Unfortunately, the children were not able to come out today, so the aloe plants will just have to hang in there without the TLC from the youngsters.
Without the company and inquisitive minds of the kids, we were left to our usual tasks of weeding and watering. Although these seemingly tedious efforts do not achieve results as visible and immediate as the peas or nasturtiums popping up out of the beds, they are slowly and definitively paying off and further preparing the garden for when our little buddies will come out and learn!

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