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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To Tame the Beast!

Today was an extremely productive day! While we did not have children come out today, we set to work on the daunting task of curving the greedy watermelon away from the sweet potatoes and in its rightful bed. We took a few minutes to come up with ideas of putting some sort of fencing around the bed to make the watermelon go "up and over" using resources we already had. We decided to use the red trellises that were donated to us last year at the corners of the bed for posts, and to use the other trellises that had unfortunately broke during the horrible storm last semester as fencing. The trellis pieces fit perfectly across the short ends of the bed, but for the longer sides we had to be a little innovative by screwing the pieces into each other and then screwing all the pieces on one side into a middle piece for stability. We then secured everything together using twine and fishing wire. It was an awesome team effort and we had a ton of fun while doing it! All I can think of now as I look back on the memory is "With our power's combined, we are Captain Planet!" And I certainly feel like a hero, too!

Even with that exhausting task, we managed to give the garden a very very thorough watering. We turned the compost and watered it, as well. Lastly, we also made a discovery! In the cucumber bed...there might be a zucchini and pumpkin plant mixed in with the cukes. Woops! But at least they're in a similar family, and vegetables are vegetables no matter where they're planted. And now I only wonder if the kids will be able to tell the difference between the leaves when we have them come out...

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