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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Blast of New Growth!

It's been a while since I've been in the garden because of fall break, and wow is everything huge! The amaranth planted in the herb garden is nearly as tall as me and has a really thick stalk and purple flowers. The okra have already given us more of their fruit. The tomatoes are knee high and have flowered. the beans have little beans growing on them. The zucchini is humongous with baby zucchini on them. So much of it has changed and I feel like it was just yesterday that we had returned from the summer and had empty beds to fill. Now those empty beds are overflowing with green, delicious fruits of labor.

After our initial shock, we refreshed ourselves with what had been done last week and set to work. We fixed the shading tool for the aloe, weeded excessively (the weeds grew just as m
uch as the plants did!), made the trellis for the peas higher because they are growing taller and need something to climb, and harvested okra. We also watered and put a bag around a watermelon hanging off of its "playpen" so that it won't fall off while growing because of it's weight. Overall, it was a very productive and exciting day and I can't wait till everything is big enough to eat!

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