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Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Growth on the Horizon

Friday morning was a crisp and clear beginning of a wonderfully quiet day at the garden. We began by contemplating where to start, checking the Log Book and deciding how long each task would take. We set off to fulfill the first task of filling in the rest of the trench so we could finally plant the sunflower and marigold seeds. We got these tiny seeds in very easily and doused them with water. As we started to water the ever scorched new growth I found the beauty of newly sprouted flowers in the watermelon. What I found to be utmost amazing was the fact that the watermelon plant had been pulled out of the ground twice and is now flourishing and covering almost the entire bed spilling out into walkways. Such a beautiful sight!
Sprouts were also popping up everywhere else, which is very exciting and satisfying all at the same time. All our work can be seen by us, and the kids can begin to learn from these growths. For the rest of the shift we weeded. The grass is still relentless and tiring but it must be pulled and I find a sense of satisfaction as I pull up numerous root bulbs all at one time. Ha! Triumph! We had no surprise class of 25 or so children on Friday so the day was a day of peaceful reflection and discussion.

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