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Friday, October 23, 2009

Quiet morning on the Garden Front

This morning was a peaceful one with a slight breeze and nice chill in the air. We weeded as usual on a Friday morning as most of the good stuff has already been accomplished. It was nice to just be in the dirt almost seeing the plants grow. As the morning moved on we decided to transplant the random mixed up pumpkin out of the bed and into the three sisters patch where it would spread its leaves and grow full on. It did not look so happy by the time the third graders arrived so the kids and I watered it and we explained even though the plant looked like it was dying that it could just as easily come back full fledged to life. The kids loved that!
As we walked them through the five senses we examined the radishes, which are huge and a nice reddish pink color which makes for a nice sight observation. They were fully amazed by the tiny green frogs hiding in the pineapple plants and we observed them the longest. Oh the beautiful minds of children.
So even though the morning was a quiet one the garden full of children is a wonderful sight and being able to teach them something they never knew is a priceless thing. The garden looks amazing as we stood there in the silence once the kids left. All of garden is so green and crisp looking; it is quite a happy sight.

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