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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chilly Mornings in the Schoolyard

Today was the second morning in a row of chilly gardening mornings. Granted, Florida chilly doesn't even come close to Northern chilly, but we of thin blood bundled up greatly before trekking out to do our work. Since I go out to the Peace Patch both Monday and Tuesday mornings, I was very happy that this morning turned out to be a lot warmer than yesterdays; half way through I was able to take off one of my shirt layers! Despite this aversion to cold, or perhaps because of it, we kept very busy in the garden, mostly with weeding. We were able to weed the Three Sister garden, some of the beds, and the back part of the trench where the marigolds and sunflowers have recently sprouted. Other than weeding we dug up the parts of the Butterfly Garden that were full of weeds and replanted flower seeds that we hope will grow. We planted new seeds as well as some of the seeds we used for the Butterfly Garden last semester. We also transplanted a volunteering tomato that was growing in the Amaranth to the tomato bed. And finally, once it had warmed up a bit, we gave the garden a little watering to quench it's thirst. Unfortunately our shift hasn't seen any children yet, but we can't wait to show them all the new growth once we do!

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