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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Earth Day at Lakewood Elementary Peace Patch Garden 4-23-2-15

After a spring semester full of teacher related challenges, disruptions, and no shows, Mrs. Allen's class at Lakewood Elementary surprised Peace Patch volunteers Alyssa and Laura  by actually coming out! It was so great to see the kids. They hugged us and were so energized!! They had not been in the garden in a long time. They were like a litter of excited puppies cavorting around. 

One boy asked if he could nibble on the carrot top and I said yes. And, because of how mature the carrots looked and summer recess looming, I invited this student to go ahead and try to pull a carrot. He did and within seconds, the entire class descended upon the carrot patch and soon every child was triumphantly hoisting a perfectly formed carrot. It all happened so fast it was almost supernatural! The energy crackling through the garden that day was otherworldly. 

In the blink of an eye class was over and the teacher started to line the children up to leave. Suddenly, I saw a photo opportunity! I cried for Alyssa to get her phone out and take a picture. All the children lined up jubilantly holding their carrots high. What follows is what I call "The Money Shot." All 13 carrots!!       

Laura Clarke, Edible Peace Patch Volunteer 

POST SCRIPT:  Gratuitous Earth Day Garden Photos