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Monday, October 5, 2009

What a garden needs to grow!

Today was a very fun and productive day in the garden! The garden received a lot of TLC in the form of weeding, watering and the continuations of mulching. We also had the chance to thoroughly weed around and in most beds. We moved aside the rapidly growing watermelon and sweet potato plants and cleaned out sedge which was growing in disguise among the leaves. The tomatoes were transplanted from their pot into the bed. The afternoon shift had two classes come out to the garden for the first time this year. First there was a second grade class followed by a shy first grade class. All of the students we happy to be out in the sAdd Imageunlight and back in the garden; many of them remembered a great deal about the garden from last year and showed the new students all the newly sprouted plants. First we played name games, followed by group tours of the garden with highlights being the new pineapple plants and rock collection. Most of the kids collected rocks as they walked around and placed them around the butterfly garden. After tours we filled our watering cans and in pairs the students thoroughly drenched the beds. Then after brief goodbyes we were left standing in the garden which was empty for the first time since we arrived.
We discussed shortly and then divided up to accomplish the most possible. We planted more green peppers and as I mentioned transplanted the tomatoes into their permanent home. We turned the compost, which now more compact than ever thanks to many helpful hands. The newly planted aloe is looking a bit ill but is under the watchful eye of many skilled students and caretakers. Each day the garden grows bigger and bigger, bit by bit and as its caretakers I feel like we grow with it.

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