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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A foggy day in London town but a sunny one in St. Petersburg

We began our day as the Floridian sun shined on the Edible Peace Patch bringing the temperature to a toasty eighty-four in the middle of October. We were amazed to see how much the plants have grown since last week. It seems that every time we turn around the plants have doubled in size. But you won't hear us complain about this. We were quite ecstatic to find infantile watermelons, flower buds on the bush beans, and baby okra poking through. Unfortunately many of our corn plants have decided to produce tassels prematurely. We have yet to decide what to do about this problem. We may need to remove the tassels to encourage the corn to continue to reach for the sky. The small tree frogs are still inhabiting our pineapple plants. The kids are always extremely excited to see them during their weekly garden lesson. This week and last week we were focusing on observations for our lesson. Observations made about the garden included soft green polka dotted watermelon leaves, gourd leaves that smelled like "spicy hot dogs", stinky compost, wet dirt, quiet wind in the trees, and carrots that tasted like strawberries (seriously). Today we focused on watering and weeding. The sedge is finding it harder to poke through the wood chips we spread, but some sedge is persistent. We planted some more rosemary in the herb garden (the previously planted rosemary never took). We also planted dill in the "nest" bed. The nest now has garlic, Mrs. Robinson's class' radishes, nasturtiums, and dill (that I am aware of). Tomorrow is our last day in the garden before our Fall break officially starts. It will prove to be a fun, relaxed day.

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