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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Only one week away from the garden felt like several weeks of absence. It was a hot and humid morning, as it so often is in Florida, and as though it truthfully had been more than just a few days since our last visit, the garden is flourishing madly.The okra is enormous and is beginning to birth new baby okras. Several frogs were sighted sitting on the hand-shaped okra leaves, having taken refuge from the sun in their shade. The pea rows have begun to climb their constructed fences, from which the two newer gourds took as example and they too are beginning to climb their fence. In only a few days, the sunflowers are shooting right up and getting pretty tall. The peppers have produced petite purple flowers which can be spotted among their foliage. The three sisters are growing faster than one could even imagine: The corn is already giving seed, the squash (and lone, singular pumpkin) are huge and spreading outward, and the pole beans are already making an appearance. The aloe is greening up, although plans for a sun-barrier are being established to better suit their needs.The watermelon is doing awesome- with six or seven small nubs that will develop into giant green spheres of deliciousness. One of the watermelons is even bigger than my fist!
There were so many ripe and ready radishes that we just had to prune out some, harvesting several of them to make room for the others, even though they too are calling to be plucked from the earth and tossed into a salad.
We spent most of the morning weeding, as the weeds too grew wildly over the fall recess and have popped up in and around most of the garden beds. The compost, which was saturated well by yesterday's hard rain, was turned, and because most everything in the garden was moistened by the precipitation, no watering was really necessary. The water provided not only drink to the Peace Patch plants, but gave them a glittering luster, which made the garden appear even more glorious and welcoming of our return.
William Shakespeare once said, “Absence doth sharpen love, presence strengthens it; the one brings fuel, the other blows it till it burns clear." In other words, the garden love grows on! While everyone was away missing the garden and taking time to replenish and rejuvinate, the garden was preparing itself for our blissful return, waiting patiently to impress us with its beauty and welcome us back, thriving in its thriving excellence and reinforcing just how much we love the place we've created, and the bonds we've established within it.

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