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Thursday, October 22, 2009

nine weather, nice plants = happy people

It was a very pleasant Wednesday in the garden. After these past couple of colder days the weather is now perfect perfect perfect, so perfect its worth saying three times! Although we have been wearing our winter jackets recently, the plants know better than us, and have thrived through the cold front. If one were to go just a week without visiting the garden they would be surprised with the extreme change that it goes through in such a short period of time! The watermelon has completely embraced its new wrap-around trellis and the garlic is shooting up wonderfully. These young shoots are one of my favorite plants to get the kids to smell as they can sometimes guess whats growing beneath. Today the crew played with worms… harvesting the poo and scattering it around the Native Garden. As always in events such as these, its nice to think about the plant in attention. How exciting it must be to receive such a nutritious treat! After a good watering and a night spent taking in the worm’s gifts, the Native Garden should be a happy community of corn and squash. Tomorrow should be just as gorgeous. Florida’s fall has proven to be the perfect season for growing lovelies and the happiness of the plants is contagious. We do need to pay special attention to the aloe however. It just has not found its way in the Peace Patch yet. I do still have hope though, we should all make sure and send our love to our healing friend. Peace for now, I hope everyone has a happy Thursday and Friday and then lets that happiness explode into their fall break!

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