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Friday, October 2, 2009

Operation Sunflower Complete

The brisk temperature was a refreshing change from the tropical weather that normally greets our arrival at the garden; I almost forgot what 70 degrees felt like! Luckily, this mild change hasn't and most likely will not hinder the growth of any of our little seedlings. Everything seems to be quietly emerging from their beds; the little green shoots are peeking out eager for a touch of sun. I'm sure that these seedlings will create an explosion of green throughout the garden over the weekend; as they say a watched pot never boils!

Thursday brought about completion of our trench initiative, we mixed our donated soil from Lowes, horse manure, and sand to create the most gorgeous mix of organic matter. There is no doubt in my mind that this batch of sunflowers will tower over everyone’s heads like giant lanterns illuminating the Edible Peace Patch. The morning shift filled in half the trench and the Afternoon shift finished the job.

The massive pineapple plants seem to be establishing themselves fairly well after dealing with the shock of “transplantation”. They seemed a little feeble earlier in the week but after being reinforced with stakes and finally feeling at home in the garden, the plants seem to be adapting well. The Fire bush from last season is also thriving in the garden, budding and flowering in its serene little niche next to the gourd.

We are all looking forward to the promising season to come; the garden is bursting with potential! Almost all of our seeds are in the ground or establishing themselves in our transplant trays, the beds will be full soon enough!

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