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Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday, October 9th, 2009

At one o'clock, we felt ready, and at 1:01-officially sweaty. One hundred degrees of heat provided a bit of a hump, but we hit the garden with hop, skip and jump.

With beads on our brow, hula hoop in
hand, we circled up and all held hands.
The children laughed as we squeezed through the loop,
With smiles and zeal, a well=behaved group.

Split into groups, and the magic begins-a well rounded tour punctuated with grins.
The garden holds treasures and a wonderful secret,
But hands and knees are in order if one wishes to peep it.
Baby frogs seek refuge in the pineapple plants,
And swim happily in new, leaf-formed pools if you give them the chance.

The marigolds have poked through the earth, tiny and green,
In the shadows of the new sunflowers displaying full dicot sheen.

The students marvel at the beans growing fast, crinkle noses at compost,
never want to be last.
They tug and they point and inundate with queries,
A set of actions that
could leave one quite weary.
But at the end of their class, when they come and embrace us,
They all melt away (the problems that face us).

Sedge grass, heat and drought are at times adversaries,
But without their input, we'd be nary as wary.

The garden is beautiful, we all love to be part.
It's a feeling one gets, can't be put on a chart.
Thanks for keeping tuned in, we love to share.
And it's nice to know that so many care.
Until next time, pray for rain,
It'll help balance out all this great solar gain.

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  1. i apologize for rhyming hand with hands...not sure how that one slipped through