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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Garden Goodbye

Julia harvesting some plants from our beautiful, green garden at Lakewood Elementary School!

Some of our second graders having a good time answering the evaluation questions for us.

Some of the delicious vegetables that we harvested from the garden today to share with our classes and the secretaries at the front desk!

I must admit today was somewhat of a sad day as it was our last day working in the garden with our classes for this semester.. However, it went fantastic! We planned out our lesson and looked around the garden until our first class of Kindergarteners came out. Then, we went over a review of the numerous lesson plans that we taught over fall semester to evaluate how much the kids had absorbed. Our first class, considering their young age, did very well which made me very proud. After the evaluation we split up into groups and went to check on the progress of the carrots in the garden, which are coming along nicely! Before our second class (the second graders) came outside we took time to harvest some of the ripe vegetables. Once we were all set up, our class came out and we evaluated them as well. I was extremely impressed with how much information the kids had retained. It is clear that they have come a long way from when they first started visiting the garden with us. To reward the kids for their hard work and cooperation we shared some of the yummy vegetables with them and finally said our goodbyes.