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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Rolling Harvest

The garden continues to produce. Sunflowers stretching eight feet into the sky. Zucchini and cucumber and tomatoes. The butterfly garden is reaching heights as well. This morning, Marcela and I took over the plot. The Eckerd students are completing their finals and heading back home at the end of the week. The Lakewood students have three more weeks of classes. Ms. Davis's students will be invited out later this week to harvest our baby seedless and crimson watermelons. We have about five ready to go. It looks like we will get a few more weeks of summer squash and zucchini and even maybe more watermelons. The sunflowers should have all gone to seed by the start of June. There is also some loose leaf lettuce which is just now hitting its prime. It hasn't rained for weeks. But the tender care given to these plants by our students had left them healthy and vibrant and productive. We will gather the signs from the beds and dig up the remaining plants at the start of June when school at Lakewood comes to a close. Teachers and staff will get their choice of plants to take to their home gardens. We will also try to save some of the vegetables for seed. To complete the cycle where we can and replant a crop that succeeded in next fall's beds. I envy the fact that my students got to do this all semester. Waking and beginning one's day in the Edible Peace Patch garden puts one in just the right frame of mind to face the rest of the day. The experiment has been a success. We have all grown skyward like the towering sunflowers.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Edible Peace Patch garden

This is the final 12-minute documentary that Kelly Schiller made about the garden project:

The Edible Peace Patch Garden from Kelly Schiller on Vimeo.

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