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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Happy Lookin' Garden!

This morning Manuela, Kasey, and I met at the Lakewood garden to do some maintenance work to help keep the plants healthy and happy. The plants in the beds are almost full grown. The bok choy is my favorite!
bok choy

Kasey watered all of the beds. Manuela and I weeded the garden and also thinned some of the okra in one of the beds, which was looking pretty crowded. The greens seem to have enjoyed those few days of cooler weather last week, they sure look good! The lettuces, mustard greens, and arugula are ready to be harvested.

 I love starting off the day working in the garden amongst fellow peers. No kids today, but I look forward to seeing their expressions when they see how much the plants have grown next time!

-Lilian Gonzalez

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Introducing the Garden

Today two classes came out to the Lakewood garden. Kasey, Manuela, and I were excited to meet them and introduce them to the garden. The vegetables have been growing rapidly and there was lots to show the students.

The first class that came out was a third grade class with many enthusiastic students. They were not shy upon meeting us whatsoever! Immediately they began to ask questions about the different fruits and vegetables that we are growing this season. The students were particularly excited about the papaya trees and the lettuce growing in the beds. They tasted the different varieties of lettuce. The class was very sweet and energetic, We look forward to seeing them next Wednesday!

The second class that came out was a fourth grade class with few students. This class was very inquisitive, and creative! We explored each bed thoroughly and drew analyses between the characteristics of different plant species. All the students in this class now know how to spot out tomatoes at different stages of their development. They learned several distinct characteristics of tomatoes, such as their fuzzy stem, small yellow flowers, and pale green fuzzy leaves. One student observed that the tomato leaves smell like celery! They totally do! I had never realized this before.

At the end of both classes, we gave each student a small squash to take home. They were very excited to go home and show their parents and siblings. I am looking forward to teaching these classes more about gardening next week!

-Lilian Gonzalez

Friday, October 18, 2013

A Fruitful Day in the Garden!

This morning at Lakewood Amy Mautz and I did some maintenance work in the garden. The squash beds have been growing vigorously these past few weeks. They are doing so well in fact that they have covered several areas of the walkway. It had grown over the small crape myrtle, the tomatoes in the beds, the eggplant, and was going for the papaya tree! I have never seen such copious squash.

 Amy and I decided to cut back some of the squash in order to save our crops and reclaim our walkway. As Amy aptly put it "We showed the squash who's boss." We also transplanted a tomato plant in one of the squash beds into the bed with the other tomato. I think it's chances will be better there.

We also cleared some of the squash around the eggplant. From the parts of the squash plant that we cut back we were able to collect many baby squash.
They are currently in the garden shed. I think the kids at lakewood would love them! Today was successful day! The garden is looking great.

-Lilian Gonzalez