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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fun Education

Yet again, it was an incredible day at the edible school garden. In the early parts of the morning we managed to hang the official “edible peace patch garden” sign, which can be seen pictured in a previous blog. It felt as if we were raising our own little flag when that sign was tied about the fence for the very first time this year. Personally, it acted as a reminder to me that our hard work is going towards a really good cause.
As the two of us were putting up the sign, the others had to transplant some aloe plants that were struggling. The group moved them from the front of the garden to the back of the garden because we thought the soil was better fitted for the plant over there. Below is a picture of the spot where the aloe was previously planted, and is now removed. We are pretty confident that they will be able to successfully rebound from there current state in a short amount of time.
After watering some plants, we had the wonderful privilege of teaching a class of third graders. As we led the children around in the garden it was nice to see them taking an interest to everything. What’s this?! What’s that?! Indeed, these little ones were curious and eager to learn. To start off the learning session, we all formed a circle and had the students give us their name and the name of their favorite vegetable. It was a nice icebreaker to make the students feel comfortable for the rest of lesson. Concepts, such as the elements needed to grow a piece of vegetation (soil, sun, water, and love) and decomposition were introduced. Overall, the third graders that came today had a fun time learning some very valuable lessons. So, we can consider this a successful day!

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