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Friday, October 9, 2015

First Day Back in the Garden

Today was our first day back in the garden at Lakewood Elementary for this semester and what a lovely day it was. I had the privilege of getting to meet some awesome Pre-K students this morning and am looking forward to getting to garden with them throughout the rest of the year. Today we took a look around the garden and checked out the growing pineapple plants and papaya trees. Two of the papaya fruits were ripe and ready so we pulled them off the tree and the Pre-K students and their teachers got to take them back to class; a sweet treat for a Friday! We also showed the students the three raised garden beds we have where we will be planting many other things throughout the year. It was the first time out in the garden for all the students so this will be an exciting semester as we get to be a part of their first school garden experience.