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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fall 2013 HERE WE COME!

Friday afternoon 8/23, for the fifth time since 2009, local college freshmen volunteered to help open the Lakewood Peace Patch Garden.  We had fifteen volunteers who turned our solarized summer garden:

into a planting-ready fall garden:

Our soils appear rich and we enhanced their growing power by amending all of the beds with compost that had cooked all year long.  The plastic had to be folded and stored.  In places, the plastic had blown free and so we had several thick stands of grass to remove (although nothing like years past).  Once everything was cleaned up, the students got a chance to put some starters int the ground.

We planted chives, heirloom tomatoes, and parsley.

The large plants is oregano, a healthy stand.  Kenny's Lawn and Landscape Service was kind enough to sell us a bunch of herbs wholesale and we got them right in the ground..

We also planted red sweet peppers and two other varieties of heirloom tomato.  They watered and everyone said goodbye. 

We are thrilled to be starting a new season.  In the next two week we will begin to have our college and community volunteers offering the academic mentoring and garden educational lessons in all four schools. This year, we also add a wellness kitchen in some locations.

Stay tuned!

Kip Curtis, Ph.D.
Founder and Executive Director