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Friday, October 1, 2010

Grass will never be the same for me

Fall is finally in the air, you could feel that slight chill early this morning! Now maybe this is just in the very sensitive eyes of a Floridian, but it's coming. I look forward to more blue skies and cool breezes out in the garden, compared with the overwhelming heat that has been of late. The battle against the Sedge monster continues. I have never seen such a virulent little plant. We worked really hard today on the left side walkway of the garden. We continued to pull sedge, this time digging deep in the ground to find it's root. Once the area was cleared well enough, we laid down more cardboard and mulch. It seems like the battle against grass will never end and I find it pretty funny that people spend so much time, money and pesticides getting their lawns just perfect. All we have to do is leave for a night and already more has grown! I'm excited for the kids to come out finally the week after next. Then seeds will finally get in the ground and plants starting to grow! I know the garden will look beautiful when that happens. For now, the set-up work continues!

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