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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And so it continues...

Though the end is in site- the end of pulling grass that is.

As expected, the group spent their time pulling out the grass and other roots, laying cardboard atop of the seemingly bare ground, and then laying a half inch thick layer of mulch atop the cardboard, and complimenting this all with a shower of water. Gone are the days of a Macgyvered water hose system though, for it seemed we effectively watered the plants (and soon the ones the children will plant...) easily with two connected hoses and water pressure. With the tedious weeding and the ease of access to water, maintence should be relatively easier in the coming months.

An exciting note: if laying the foundation continues on schedule, then class for the children should start next week! The lesson plan for week one has been established, and now all we can do is ponder how we'll hold the children's attention during class. We'll have plenty of time to ponder this as we pull out grass to lay cardboard and mulch...

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