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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the end of the grass is insight..

Today was another adventurous day of grass pulling. We have raked up the grass, laid down cardboard and covered the area with a thick layer of mulch. Although the removing of the grass is tiresome our effort is already becoming apparent. No grass shoots have begun growing and the gardens is looking fantastic. We only have around 1/4 of the grass to remove. The beds are turned, weeded and watered on a daily basis.
The preparation of the garden is getting us extremely excited for the kids, who will be joining us next week. We are ecstatic to show them the garden and begin planting. We have begun discussing our first lesson plan which is going to be awesome!
Our hard work is paying off! It is a good feeling to walk out to the garden and see how far we have come. The end of the grass pulling is almost insight! Bring on the children :)

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