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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fresh Feet in the Garden

Today is the first day when students came out to the garden to participate in Green Thumb 101. When we first got there we prepared by grabbing crayons, seeds, and lesson plans. As a large group we introduced the rules of the garden. Most of the students were really enthusiastic to be outside and learning about the garden. The first week's lesson is about science, art and a bit of creative thinking. We asked our students today to hypothesize what their thoughts were on the seeds they were planting and how they would grow. Most responded eagerly with vegetable and flower names. Today's classes planted black eyed peas, cauliflower, collards, eggplant and cucumber! We met with three classes in 25 minute sessions. The black eyed peas were a hit among the classes and every vegetable was met with excitement by our new garden classes! The time together always flies by and before we knew it, the students were watering their seeds in the beds and drawing the plant as they believed it would grow into. Once these drawings were finished the classes left for the day and some in between sedge pulling went on. The garden is finally becoming an edible peace patch.

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