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Friday, October 15, 2010

Green emerging in the garden

Today was a truly beautiful day in the garden. We arrived to another fall morning, with blue skies and very little humidity. It was a teacher work day so we finished the planting ourselves without our usual classes of children. Walking around the garden to see how everything was doing we noticed something spectacular, the seeds put in the ground just this week are already poking their heads through the soil! Maybe I have just held onto my childish impulses or it really is a miraculous thing (or a bit of both), but seeing the plants already coming up was so exciting! All the work that has gone into getting the garden ready was well worth seeing how happy the plants are. We finished planting carrots, kale and herbs. We also put in the corn for the three sister's garden and put in the pollinator garden. Wildflowers were planted in a small spare bed to add to the flowers already in the pollinator patch. It was a wonderfully relaxing, breezy and accomplished day. We finished off with a good garden wide soaking and replacement of the entry stone. I haven't yet gotten to work with the kids so I was sort of sad about the teacher work day, however it turned into a really great day overall. Also it felt pretty neat to see all the teachers working around the school as well while we were in the garden. A good old fashioned communal work day. Here are some more pictures from today.

Three Sister's Garden (put corn in today, when corn comes up then we will plant beans and squash)

Pollinator Garden! The flowers were very happy to leave their post outside my window and get into the ground.

Katie found this crazy bright blue worm in the compost pile.

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