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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sprouting Seeds

Today was the second day using this week’s new lesson plan. We started the day by getting the clipboards and other materials ready. We eagerly awaited the students. Upon arrival we split the class up into two groups and reviewed the rules of the garden. We took the groups of kids through the garden showing them the plants they had planted before, the tomatoes, pineapple. We also reviewed the definition of a hypothesis and had the kids predict what would happen if we placed two seeds into soaked paper towel in a cup. The children were enthusiastic and remembered all of the necessities for a plant to grow.
Each of the children took turns either getting soil, placing the seeds in the cup or watering the paper towel.

After this exercise we took soaked bean seeds and dissected them. We explained the importance of the outer seed coating, the stored food for the plant and where the initial plant will begin to grow from.

The students enjoyed drawing and coloring their impression of the inside of the seeds. The children even began drawing flowers and plants which they believed could come from the seed.

When our two teaching sessions were over we, sadly, returned to garden maintenance. We weeded and waters all of the beds.

I am highly enjoying the connection I am making with the children of Lakewood Elementary and highly anticipate our future lesson plans.

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