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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday in the Peace Patch

We've got cucumber sprouting, and black-eyed peas, little bits of lettuce and maybe some collards, broccoli and watermelon and sweet potatoes. The sprouts are springing all over the garden. In some places, we can see that too many seeds were put in a single hole. In other places, we see bare spots where seeds did not make it, or seeds were not fertile. The garden will need to be thinned and thickened as needed this coming week. We try to work toward a kind of rhythm or ethic of work where the garden is seen as the set of problems it presents us with, but finding that pace is difficult. Sometimes the problems the garden presents us with are that some see the problems better than others, but no one wants to tell anyone what to do. As we struggle along these edges, we fold piece by piece more beauty into this landscape. The seeds are mostly all planted. The spouts are mostly all sprung. The excitement of the new births makes the tedium of the needed maintenance that much more difficult to attend to. We understand. But those neglected other things are starting to pile up. Sedges and grasses have not only grown thick in places and turned to seed, whose sprouts appear along with our vegetables in the raised beds, they are pushing back up through the spaces left between the cardboard under the mulch. We can get ahead of these thing with a concerted push in the week and a half ahead. We do not want to fall any further behind on them. Today I layed more cardboard in places where the grass was coming thickest. I will borrow the recycling truck on Monday or Tuesday and bring another load of mulch. I noticed the sign has continued to loose letters and no one has taken to gluing them back on. I recall a conversation early in the semester where QFM students said they would make a new sign. Perhaps that time is upon us now? The butterfly bushes along the edge are doing very well. The corral honeysuckle does not appear to be among the living, although I'm not sure if it ever got the regular watering it needed. I watered the garden with the spin irrigator, which seems to soak the soil fairly well, if very slowly. I was able to perform maintenance at the same time that the garden was being watered. The Peace Patch is coming together, we need everyone's best efforts as we finish getting it into shape.

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