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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Great Job!

Today was a great day at the Edible Schoolyard! We started by getting the materials prepared for the childrens' arrival. We layed out clipboards with the lesson plans, crayons, watering jugs, seeds, and young tomoto plants. To pass the time, we placed bigger stakes near the watermelon plants to prevent them from being mowed over and we noticed two tiny watermelons starting to grow!

We had the good fortune to have wonderful and attentive classes- the second class was very familiar with the garden since several of them participated and planted seeds last year. We explained the rules of the garden and broke into groups to work on the lesson plans. Next, the kids in my group planted kale seeds, while another group planted young tomato plants, and the third group planted basil seeds. When my group was finished, I showed the kids the pineapple plants and aloe plants and explained to them how aloe helps soothe burns. All of them were very talkative and loved to participate- even a little girl who hadn't been feeling well earlier.

My group finished the lesson with a silly rain dance- although it hasn't rained, it did become noticably more overcast when we finished! It was so uplifting to get hugs and high fives from the kids and the class' teacher instructed them to sing the Great Job song- "G-r-e-a-t-j-o-b". Before we left, we had time to water all the plants and pack up the tools.

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