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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fighting more sedge today...

Today we uprooted more of that pesky sedge and grass with the hoe, rakes and our hands and laid down cardboard as we moved along. One of our team members quickly covered the cardboard collage with mulch, making the Garden look more and more fertile every passing minute. The half circle area in the back of the garden is the next grassy place to tackle. In a few months, we hope to have corn growing in that part of the garden. We ended work today around 11:30- just when the Florida sun was really starting to beat down on us.

On a personal note, today my first day at the Garden! Working with my hands and getting dirt under my nails was therapeutic after long days inside classrooms and evenings studying. With each shift a little more work gets done- every day there'll be less green sedge, more mulch laid down, and soon beautiful flowers will bloom and the veggies will be ready to harvest. And after the prep work is done, the kids will come out and lively up the garden so much!

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