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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beans and Corn

Today we continued the germinating extravaganza, and explored the differences in germinating monocots and dicots. The children were very eager to get started on the activity. We split into two groups with each group germinating corn seeds and bean seeds. The worksheet for the lesson discussed the differences between germinating seeds in soil and in cups with moist paper towels. The word hypothesize was introduced to the kids, and they made excellent guesses as to the differences in germination. We wanted to show what happens inside the seed when it germinates, so we split a germinated seed in half to see the beginning of a stem. After the lesson the kids helped to water the beds and both the watermelon and pinneapple plants. The kids especially love watering the plants and all want to hold the watering can as long as possible. The activity was fun for the kids, but they each wanted to do their own germination. The concepts of monocots and dicots were somewhat hard to convey to some of the kids, but they enjoyed learning how to spell each word.

The remainding time not spent with the children wa devoted to staking the edge of the three sisters garden and tying string across as a barrier. We also made sure to water the new papaya plants.

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