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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Germination Station!

As the week continues today's classes were full of excitment when they learned that the activity today was germinating individual seeds! As we split into groups, our students again visited the concepts of hypothesis and growth of plants. Today's lesson was different however because instead of planting a few seeds in the beds, the students planted classroom experiments with corn and bean seeds in a cup with paper towel and soil. After watering the soil, the students are able to see the soil and the seeds visibly to watch as the plants germinate. In our groups the students discussed the needs and importances of these seeds.

In their classrooms they stated it was their job to water and give the seeds plenty of sunlight. Hypotheses were conducted in whether or not the students believed the plants really would grow. We have some very optimistic gardeners on our hands and hopefully next week these plants will be able to be planted in our Three Sisters garden. The Three Sisters garden is a Native American style of farming that plants corn, beans and squash in the same garden and the three grow on one stake. Not only did the students learn about the seeds and the process of germination, they also learned about the insides of seeds after a group dissection took place. Today's students learned a great deal about seeds and how so much happens before the plant even reaches top of the soil.

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