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Friday, October 8, 2010

And That's Just The Beginning!

Although prep week might be over, the students have not made it out into the garden yet, but class commences on Monday! Appreciating the cooler breeze this morning, Alina and Katie got down and dirty tilling the The Three Sisters' Garden, continuing the never ending fight against sedge, picking up cardboard from Eckerd College's recycling center and free mulch from the recycling center across the street from the school, bringing in new hoses, and watering the whole thing down. Although we have dirt under our nails and our muscles are aching, the Edible Peace Patch is almost ready to open its gates up to the students of Lakewood Elementary.

So here are some things you might not have known: The Three Sisters' Garden is actually a Native American agricultural practice. We plant beans, corn, and squash together. This interaction actually eliminates the growth of weeds and the plants all thrive and coincide together. Our Edible Peace Patch Garden has 13 beds, that will include plants such as sweet potatoes, black eyed peas, cucumbers, cauliflower, and many more veggies, a wildflower bed, an aloe garden, and herb spiral, and even pineapples; not to mention loads of other goodies!

Our weeks of preparations are finally up and Monday starts classes in the garden! I know all of us in the garden are looking forward to our very first lessons!

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