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Friday, November 20, 2009

Fog fog everywhere

The garden had a nice layer of fog over it this morning. The end of the garden was actually difficult to see and most of the leaves still had a layer of dew over them. Through the fog the watermelon has gone from the biggest attraction in the garden to the biggest spot of brown as the plant has produced. There are two watermelons finishing up, the smaller of the two is sitting nicely on second layer of the trellis.
During the afternoon shift the school had a fire drill and there were students everywhere on the picnic tables. We had a lot of fun watching the teachers wrangle them. When the groups came out they had the opportunity to try turnips and cucumbers. The turnips were a hard sell raw, which was to be expected. The cucumbers were also hard to talk the students in to trying but after a bit of finagling all the students tried them. 

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