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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday thursday

Hello world!  Thursday in the garden was just as it is always, only enjoyable.  We began our day with a pre-school class.  They explored the garden and all the changes the plants have gone through in the past week.  We were able to harvest a group of cucumbers, which is always exciting.  The watermelon is really starting to decline.  It is obvious the plant is now down to his last push.  I am very curious as to what the mystery bugs are and to how to prevent them from eating our watermelon vine!  Beyond cases such as the mystery bugs and the gourd fungus, the garden is doing absolutly beautifuly.   Today was amazing.  The sun was fully out, which counter acted with the fall/winter cold that is slowly creeping upon us.  Still, Florida weather has proven to be amazing.  I have never observed the sun to be such an amazing November source until this season, when I have been able to watch to plants welcoming embrace. 

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