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Friday, November 13, 2009

Just Another Sunny Day

Today was another sunny day in the Sunshine State! We started the morning off by taking a little stroll through the garden. Everything is growing at staggering rates. Did these vegetables grow over night? Anyways, the gardening crew has been sampling some of vegetation of the Edible Peace Patch. Overall, all the vegetables are delicious and have received two thumbs up by all of us. Even though I did not personally get to taste the watermelon, I’m sure that the children who did this afternoon enjoyed it. When we cut it open, it looked quite tasty.

In our morning shift we did a little more weeding, harvesting of greenbeans, and watering. In short, it was business as usual. Unfortunately, no children came to see us this morning. Perhaps this is because of the new trailers that are being installed as classrooms, which are located next to garden. All of the noise created by the workers, trucks, and whatnot does not create the best learning environment. Not to worry though. The installations look soon to be over, which means the noise and raucous will also soon be over.

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