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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Torrential Tuesday!

Today's thunderstorm brought about some much needed natural watering, Mother Nature always knows best. The heavy rains took their toll on Tampa Bay but we anticipated their arrival and avoided watering this morning.

The Edible Peace Patch possess an atmosphere of bustling tranquility. There are still flowers to be pollinated and vegetables to be harvested but at the same time certain things are progressing past their seasonal abilities. The squash, gourd, and pumpkin are not thriving as much as we could have hoped. A stout pumpkin would have been an amazing addition to our family, maybe next year.
This weekend we planted a lot of starters to hand out to the kids as mementos of the garden and everything we taught them during our time together. There are string beans, lettuce, and tomatoes. We initially thought about giving the children seeds to plant themselves but then we recollected our own childhood and how we would have treated the seeds; placing them in random drawers and forgetting about them. However, we plan on providing the kids with seeds if they desire them.

The next few weeks should produce more zucchini, okra, and a lot of various greens (kale, lettuce, and spinach). The tomatoes are also developing into sturdy vivacious plants. I can't wait too see all the different varieties we planted and have the kids taste them!

Let's give thanks this holiday for the productivity of our garden, the livelihood of the kids, and the commitment and enthusiasm from everyone involved!

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