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Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's a Beautiful Morning in the Neighborhood

Today was another glorious day at the Edible Peace Patch Garden. It was a sunny one with a nice refreshing breeze to cool all of us down. Even though no children came out this morning, it was quite a productive day. We weeded and watered for a good portion of our shift in happy spirits. Who would not enjoy this service work? Anyways, now the garden looks more beautiful then ever with no weeds. It is nice to see that all of our hard work over the past couple of months is starting to pay off.

The vegetation in the garden is growing at unbelievable rates. It seems like every time a person blinks something else grows in the garden. The watermelons, for example, have grown incredibly fast. Not only have they grown fast, but they have grown fairly large too. Speaking of watermelons, there seems to be a problem with them. As of now, we are not sure what it is, but green spots cover some of the leaves of the watermelon. We think it is a parasitic bug of some sort, but we are not 100% sure. No worries though. The Edible Peace Patch Garden will come through with some sort of solution.

As I wrote above, our hard work is finally being rewarded. Some driver slowed by us this morning and looked at the garden. He remarked that it was “coming along beautifully guys.” That comment made me stand back a moment and actually enjoy the sight of our beautiful garden, which was just a pile of weeds a couple of months ago. It is nice to see progress that is actually tangible.

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