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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Living in a Ginormous World

Yesterday Ida blew in some very rainy weather that the garden is loving. On first walk through everything looked so much bigger and healthier. The sunflowers are towering over most of the plants in the garden. They have grown so tall so fast its hard to believe they were seeds a few months ago.
The not so tall are doing great too! The beans don't tower over the garden but they will surprise you. One week no beans the next week hundreds hanging out just begging to have the Lakewood students pick them. The watermelon is another plant that will catch you by surprise. Every time I go through to find a watermelon another one jumps out at me that I had not have seen before. Not to mention, our pride and joy monster watermelon everyone is talking about.
The weather this week is very indecisive. When we arrived it was cloudy and within an hour it was sunny and before we left a raincloud passed over and it sprinkled for about 15 minutes. For us it's a little confusing but I'm sure the plants were loving it.

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