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Monday, November 9, 2009

Goind Mad-ish for a Radish

Ah, but today, so many leaves were sampled,
But with care-placed feet, no new plants were trampled.
With cloud cover in place, our sweat took the day off, and
We stroked new sunflower leaves, supple and soft.
The children were excited to eat what we've grown,
And experience new tastes they may never have known.
Cress and basil were often expectorated,
But green beans and lettuce were much less ill-fated.
In my group, at least, a pleasant surprise,
As our neon pink radishes won first prize!
Some are too spicy, but this one was mild,
Voted favorite of all by all but one child.
The watermelons grow swiftly, one ready this week,
The kids love spreading the leaves to sneak in a peek.
From a friend's kind gesture, we acquired a hose,
A sleek new beauty that inspired this prose.
The pictures tell stories where my words fall thin,
With pineapple plants and the froggies within.
Here I will finish, but come check a-gain,
Maybe next time we'll tell of Ida's great rain.

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