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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Calm and Cloudy Day

Today's sky was blanketed by thick grey clouds slowly rolling over the garden, building anticipation for afternoon showers. It seems that the rain dance performed by many of the lakewood students has been a tremendous success. With the plants drinking up as much water as we can give them, it is always a pleasure when Mother Nature steps in to aide us in our watering duties.

The water melon vine is still going strong, even with several large water melons growing larger every day. The children always enthusiastically remark on the growth of these fruits each week, anxiously awaiting their first taste. As the watermelon enters the end of its growing season, it is beginning to show signs of strain, but has certainly brought forth a plentiful harvest.

The other plants in the garden are doing remarkably as well. The amaranth is beautiful and now towers over the heads of many of our pre-schoolers. The second generation of radishes is coming up. We can only hope that they are as spicy and delicious as the previous batch. The bush beans have exploded, producing countless large beans hanging from every plant.

With so much going on in the garden, it is nice to take a moment to appreciate the subtle workings of nature that take place in every moment. Today the group observed a small bee as it buzzed from plant to plant, pollenating constantly. The countless bees in the garden are performing an incredibly valuable service to the garden, quietly and calmly. Thank you bees for all that you do!!

As usual, there were no kids for the Tuesday morning shift, but the garden will certainly be ready for young minds to explore the garden in the very near future. There is currently so much to observe, learn and experience within the small garden plot. Te garden is a lonely place without students, but the grounds will be filled with sounds of laughter and excitement before too long.

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