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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Turnip Tuesday

Today was a low key day at the garden, we said good morning to all of the plants and checked their progress from last week. The turnips were looking especially excited, ready to jump from the ground at any moment. We were also surprised to see two inch leaves sprouting from the ground where we planted zucchini seeds just one week ago.
The greens, tomatoes, herbs and
sunflowers seem to be doing well and we
hope that perhaps their determination will encourage the rest of the garden to survive until the end of the season. We are all keeping our fingers crossed for the remaining three watermelons in the watermelon patch, seeing as it's well past watermelon season. However, we are very thankful that the kids had the opportunity to try at least one watermelon.
Unfortunately, there were no kids today, so we spent time taking care of watering, weeding and thinning the zucchini. We did have an opportunity to see the pumpkins Ms. Norbasch's class had been growing for over a month. We brought them some small containers so that the kids can bring home the pumpkins. It was very impressive to see the potential of their little green thumbs and their excitement over the process of watching their plants grow from seeds.

Overall, our time in the garden today was very relaxing. I continued to be surprised by the growth of everything each week. I hope that as the semester comes to an end we have the opportunity to see the children a few more times and share the rest of the harvest with them.

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