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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ida's winds

The late season tropical storm has stirred up winds around the Gulf of Mexico. Our garden seems strong. The delight of color on kale leaf and patterns of simple curves and points in the bean leaves. The Peace Patch is peaceful on Sunday afternoon. Green beans taste sweet as they snap in my mouth. Spinach, putting out delicious ripe leaves that crunch succulent between your teeth. Corn on the tassled crop in the three-sisters, cucumber a little drought weary and tomatoes overpowering their own space in the box assigned to their fruiting. So much attention to these plants has given them a sort of boastful richness, a bragging about life itself. Sweet potato vine snaking its way into the paths, pushing purple flowers and making orange tubers for our winter palette. Everything looks so well out there, even the new looming classroom cannot dampen our mood. We anticipate rains from the late season tropical storm Ida later this week. Today, her winds stirred leaves and pruned the underside of palm trees as I silently tended the garden.

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