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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today was a pretty busy day, but it went really well. We started off the morning with Mr. Johnson's 5th grade class. This was their first time to come out to the garden so we split them into groups and gave them a quick tour and taught them about a specific aspect of the garden. After that, we all came back together in one group to share what we had learned. The kids learned a lot and were really eager to come back and help us work on the garden. We also had a 3rd grade class that came out to the garden for the first time and we did a similar activity with them. We also discussed the concepts of energy and interdependence and how they pertain to our garden.
The broccoli starters were looking really big, so we decided we should go ahead and transplant them. They are now in beds 2, 4, and 6 next to the turnips and sugar snap peas. Everyone's really excited about them because they were our first major transplant. We hope that they start to really take off now that they're in the ground.
The 11-1 shift was pretty slow for a while until the 2nd graders came out. They hadn't been out in a while so we showed them how everything is growing and they helped us plant basil and aerate the soil. They were really excited about the basil and being able to see "their" plants grow from the beginning. The afternoon was spent watering with the 1st graders since we hadn't watered all day.

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