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Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday afternoon in the garden!

The garden is doing excellent now that we have stopped watering as much. Although we got some good advice from a long time farmer, to be on our toes because our plants are going to be sucking up more water soon, they are pumps!

You can stand at the entrance to the garden now, and as you look towards the end, plants are everywhere! Both the eckerd and lakewood students are feeling proud as we watch our garden grow.

The morning shifts planted beets today, I have never grown beets before, so this is very exciting. The afternoon shift dug up holes along the fence, and filled them in with a mixture of soil and manure, this our pre-k pumpkin patch! The pre-k students grew the pumpkins in their classroom, from their pumpkin seeds at halloween time.

Gourds were also planted in these holes. We are hoping to train the gourds to go up the fence.

There was not alot of extra time today, but as we left the garden today we found time to take a minute and appreciate it. Things have not been perfect, but thats ok because I know we can all agree that this garden is thriving.

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