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Friday, February 13, 2009

End of the Second Week of Spring Term

We have again successfully finished another week and things are looking great in our garden! The morning crew planted the rest of our carrots, Little Finger carrots, with Mrs. Davis' class. They also weeded the raised beds with Ms. Demings class. One of the topics of the week for the garden was interdependence, and they spent some time telling the kids about energy flow.

The second shift replanted some of the larger broccoli to larger pots and moved them outside of the greenhouse to make room for other plants and to see if they do ok outside. Ms. Early's 2nd grade class came out and they talked about interdependence in the garden and split up into two groups who visited the compost and greenhouse and then the garden itself.

The last shift of the day got to meet Laura and Lisa Armson, a mother and daughter who have donated 25 pairs of children's gloves, many hand tools, 3 watering cans, and 3 trellises. Professor Curtis showed them around the garden and explained more about our project. Thank you Armsons very much for your donations! We also planted strawberries and more watermelon, as some didn't sprout. We also replanted the Brussels sprout plant into the herb garden since we checked the roots and noticed that it didn't have any more room to grow. We also made sure to water a little bit, but not too much, as we are testing to see if we are over watering.

Monday is half day for the students so only the first two shifts will be out. The third shift will be going to get more manure to give our plants a little boost! But, thankfully, everything is growing really well so far! The sunflowers are growing larger every day, our broccoli and carrots look great, and our corn/pole bean/squash mixture are growing great together!

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