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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Past two days

 Yesterday was the start of our spring semester edible schoolyard project. It turned out to be a rainy day, so there was a lot of teaching inside. Our fifth grade friends from Mrs. Davis' class came out for a few minutes and checked out what has sprouted. They were especially proud of the sunflower, because they had planted them.

Today was a sunny day! Lots of time spent in the garden. Some mulch was picked up and spread out around the corn. During the afternoon Mrs. Ash's 5th graders joined Molly Lauren and Kayla. They got a tour of the garden, helped us spread mulch, and some students even got to turn compost. They were great garden helpers! Thanks guys.

Tomorrow we are hoping to get some more mulch, and plant chives, oregano and sage. Two classes are joining us tomorrow, we will give them a tour and have them do the most important job WATERING :)

Thats our compost pile! Thanks Corky for saving the cafeteria scraps

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