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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Fog

It was pretty misty and foggy out today but the weather was still okay for the kids to come out. We planted cabbage in three of the beds. Bates's 5th grade class and Dorsey's 2nd grade class came out for their sessions. The damp weather has kept our plants a little more moist than we want, but we'd rather over water than under water!

With the second graders we geared their lesson on interdependence and an introduction of the garden. We taught them about composting and vermiculture, the use of red worms in compost. They absolutely loved the worms. They loved that they could feel them wiggling in their little hands. It was their first time out there so they were really excited.

Image: http://www.wormcomposting.ca/images/redworms2.jpg

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  1. Mis-named creatures, they. Squirms is a better word.... pass it on.